Musical Therapy is an original comedy musical conceived by Joey Katsiroubas. The show was created by Katsiroubas (music and lyrics) and Dan Hass (book).

Theresa is a young, single, couples counselor in Chicago. While she's great (well, okay) at keeping couples together, she can't seem to lock down a guy for herself. And the fact that she tends to get attached (well, neurotic) after just one date doesn't help either. 

Cut to Mr. Wonderful moving into the office next-door. Beautiful, bulgy-biceped Will.

It's obsession at first sight. And no obstacle or (ugh) girlfriend is going to keep Theresa from being with him. She’ll ruin relationships, sabotage dates, push people out of the closet—mixing and matching her clients until it’s just Wonderful and her.

Forever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever.




Original Cast Recording

by Joey Katsiroubas